anglų-lietuvių  lietuvių-anglų

visai angliškai



prv. quite, completely, entirely, absolutely, totally, utterly; v. teisingai quite so, quite right, quite true; tu v. teisus you are perfectly/quite right; v. nepažįstamas žmogus total/perfect stranger ; v. nuogas quite/stark naked; jis v. jaunas he is quite a young man ; v. ne tas nothing of the kind; jis v. nusigyveno he is entirely ruined; jis manęs v. nepažįsta he doesn't know me at all ; aš to v. nesakiau I did not say that at all; I never said that ; v. ne not at all, not in the least; man tai v. nepatinka I don't like it a bit; v. aklas stone-blind; v. kurčias stone-deaf ; v. beprotis stark mad; jis v. neišdidus he is by no means proud; v. kitas quite another/different