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there is no..., there are no...; not, ...are not; n. abejonės there is no doubt ; čia n. knygų there are no books here; n. kada, n. laiko there is no time; man n. kada I have no time; n. ko ten žiūrėti there is nothing to be seen there, there is nothing worth seeing there; n. ko pasiųsti there is nobody to send; n. kam pažaisti su juo there is nobody to play with him; n. kuo pasigirti there is nothing to boast about/of; n. kur there is nowhere; n. kur sėsti there is nowhere to sit; n. kur apsisukti there's scarcely room to turn round; jo n. namie he is not at home; tų knygų n. lentynoje the books are not on the shelf; n. už ką (dėkoti) don't mention it!, that's all right!, not at all!